October 8, 2011


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Apple sells out of iPhone 4S for Oct 14th delivery, now quoting 1-2 weeks

By AppleInsider Staff Published: 01:48 AM EST (10:48 PM PST) Just 24 hours after opening up pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S, Apple has rolled back expected shipping times for the device from expected delivery on the Oct. 14th launch date to an estimate of 1-2 weeks. The Apple Online Store changed its pre-order availability [...]

Before eMail, Steve Jobs Mailed Computer Chips To Apple Fans

By Leander Kahney (9:52 pm, Oct. 07, 2011) In recent years, Steve Jobs became famous for emailing terse responses to queries sent by Apple customers to his public email address: sjobs@apple.com. It’s not a new habit, it seems. Back in the early days of Apple, Jobs used to mail letters with computer chips attached to [...]

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Police break up New York fraud ring targeting Apple products

By Josh Ong Published: 11:33 PM EST (08:33 PM PST) New York police announced on Friday that they have busted a massive crime network that used stolen credit card information to purchase Apple products and resell them overseas. Reuters reports that 86 people are in custody, with a total of 111 people indicted, for participating [...]

The Griffin AirStrap for iPad 2 is a Great Case, But That’s All [Review]

By Killian Bell (5:23 pm, Oct. 07, 2011) The Griffin AirStrap ($ 30) is another iPad 2 case that’s designed to help you maintain a secure grip on your precious tablet while you’re using it. It features a molded frame with contoured grips on each side, which are structured to protect the edges of your [...]

Apple’s board in a state of transition

While Steve Jobs’s passing came with a lot of powerful emotional effects, it did unfortunately arrive with at least one practical effect that has to be dealt with sooner or later: Apple needs a new Chairman of the Board. A few experts say in this Reuters piece that it will probably be a tough choice [...]

Steve Jobs knew his time was short, focused on family first

By Mikey Campbell Published: 09:22 PM EST (06:22 PM PST) After years of battling complications arising from his initial bout with cancer, Steve Jobs learned in February that his time was finally running out. In his final months, he surrounded himself with those most important to him: his wife and his children. For past few [...]

It’s Not Just You: Huge Identity Theft Ring Also Obsessed with Apple

By Nicole Martinelli (6:13 pm, Oct. 07, 2011) Police busted over 100 people who stole credit card information, mainly so they could get their hands on Apple’s insanely great products. “This is primarily an Apple case,” NYPD deputy inspector Gregory Antonsen told the International Business Times. “Apple is a big ticket item and a very [...]

Apple reportedly working with AT&T to display ’4G’ in status bar

AT&T is reportedly pressuring Apple to advertise the 14.4 Mbps theoretical maximum download speed of the iPhone 4S as “4G” in the iPhone’s status bar. Given AT&T’s aggressive attempts to market HSPA+ as 4G, that’s not surprising. What is surprising is that according to This is my next, Apple is apparently bowing to that pressure [...]

AT&T announces record 200,000 iPhone 4S pre-orders in first 12 hours

By Josh Ong Published: 08:19 PM EST (05:19 PM PST) AT&T, Apple’s original wireless carrier partner for the iPhone, announced on Friday that it had received more than 200,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in the first 12 hours on offer, making it the most successful iPhone launch ever for the company. The carrier said [...]